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There are many reasons to learn to dance, a few of which include dancing for sports, exercise, or to build muscle.  In addition to providing valuable physical fitness, dance lessons offer a wealth of important skills for all ages. Learning how to dance improves coordination, flexibility, and complex motor skills, which is why many professional athletes take dance classes. Even if children only dance for a few years, the proper posture they learn while dancing can last a lifetime.

For adults who often spend so much time in repetitive postures, like staring at a computer screen or carrying children and heavy bags, dance helps to correct postural and muscular problems.

Dancing also teaches musicality, enabling dancers to identify different types of music, as well as count and phrase music.

Scientific studies have also shown that children who take dance classes have improved study skills as dance class necessitates the continual memorization of vocabulary and movement phrases, which improves memory skills.  Dance lessons also teach discipline and build self-esteem and confidence.  Out of the dozens of reasons to take dance lessons, you only need one! 
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